About Us

What makes us different

Ranko has a strong commitment to making things right the very first time. Slipshod work leads to the need for maintenance, and therefore further costs to the customer. We believe in the ethics of proper work, and we hold ourselves to our standard instead of comparing it to the industry.

What we do

We have been a premier provider of electrical and security services. Ranko is involved in a range of installations including electrical and mechanical installations, air-conditioning and ventilation,mechanical and electrical engineering, plumbing and piping, fibre optics, as well as security and surveillance systems.


Established since 2003, we have served several big corporate and residential projects across the country, including the Best Denki Headquarters, HDB Centre of Building Research, the MTI ( Ministry of Trade and Ministry ) and Blangah Rise Primary School. In the past decade, our expertise and quality of work has garnered a loyal following of clients across various sectors.


Fields of Expertise

1. Mechanical & Electrical

Air-Conditioning Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV)
Electrical Wiring and Internet Wiring (e.g. Phone lines & Fibre)



2. Plumbing for residential and commercial buildings

Pipes and drains fitting
Valves and valve assemblies, and sewage systems



3. Security

Security Doors and Access (Keycards, Retina, Thumbprint)
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)


Our Works

HDB Centre of Building Research

Vicom Kaki Bukit, Vicom Bukit Batok, JIC Pioneer Rd, JIC AMK

Shabusai @ Causeway Point

ITE Central

Blangah Rise Primary School

Here are some of our featured works. Great architecture is easily spotted, just like the light from a bulb. Ranko serves as the invisible filament behind these structures, and we take pride in doing so.

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554A Macpherson Road Singapore 368230


Office: +65 6744 7883

Mobile +65 9684 6466

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